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“Managing Port Company” and JSC “Vostochny Port” invested over 53 million rubles in social projects in 2018


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JSC “Vostochny Port”, the largest Russian specialized port with high-tech coal transshipment, and its executive body, “Managing Port Company,” invested more than 53 million rubles in social programs of the Nakhodka Municipality in 2018.

The support of medical institutions remains the top priority of the port holding social policy. In 2018, the port holding company invested more than 4 million rubles for the needs of hospitals and polyclinics of Nakhodka and Vrangel, including 3 million rubles of sponsor support granted to the regional budget-funded health care institution “Nakhodka City Hospital.” The funds were spent on purchasing medical equipment for the prevention and early diagnosis of various diseases, including cancer. Besides, Vrangel hospital and children's clinic received funds to purchase medical furniture and cover household needs.

A significant part of the funds was used to the improvement of urban areas within a framework of an agreement made with the Municipality Administration. In accordance with the agreement, JSC “Vostochny Port” reconstructed a public garden in Vrangel, where a monument to the first head of “Vostochny Port” - Viktor Vasyanovich - and the Memorial to the Primorye soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War are located.

With the support of the stevedoring company, footpaths with a total area of ​​365 square meters were paved in the recreation areas, the flowerbed was framed with porcelain tiles, a new decorative fence and 18 park lights were mounted, benches and bins were replaced, and evergreen conifers were planted in the public gardens. A bas-relief devoted to the history of Vrangel Bay development was restored. The total amount of funds allocated by JSC “Vostochny Port” to these events exceeded 4 million rubles.

3.5 million rubles were spent on the overhaul of the gymnasium, the facade and the asphalt-concrete pavement on the territory of secondary school No. 19 in Vrangel. As part of the investment support, finishing works were completed in the gymnasium for elementary school pupils and kick-boxing sports club, windows, doors and floors were replaced, new sports equipment was purchased, including punching bags and other sports gear.

Additionally, in the run-up to the new academic year, JSC “Vostochny Port” took part in a municipal campaign organized by the Municipality Administration “Help me get ready for school.” Elementary school pupils, whose parents are unable to buy everything necessary for studies, received stationery kits with notebooks, pens, pencils, watercolors, craft materials, pencil cases, rulers and other school supplies as a gift fr om Dockers.

This year, a new street-cleaning vehicle “Vikhr” has entered the streets of Vrangel. JSC “Vostochny Port” provided sponsorship for the purchase of the equipment in the amount of 6.3 million rubles to the Administration of the Nakhodka Municipality under an agreement on social and economic partnership.

Measures have been taken to improve the territory of Vrangel and Nakhodka. JSC “Vostochny Port” equipped a playground in one of the courtyards in Vrangel community in Zheleznodorozhnaya Street.

In spring 2018, the stevedoring company landscaped Vrangel by planting more than 400 trees and shrubs on the community territory within the framework of the Ecomarathon project. On the initiative and with the support of JSC “Vostochny Port”, a volunteer cleanup was held on Prikumsk beach in Vrangel, where about 60 volunteers collected 100 bags of garbage.

The company allocated more than 3 million rubles to support sports in the Nakhodka Municipality. Sports organizations utilized the funds to hold competitions, purchase sports uniform and equipment. A part of the allocated funds was used for the development of company’s own modern sports facility “Vostochnik”, wh ere sports conditions were created for company employees and Vrangel residents to enjoy sports activities. The sports facility hosts championships of various levels on a regular basis, and children's sports teams successfully represent “Vostochnik” at Russian and international competitions.

Over the course of the year, seven childcare facilities in Nakhodka received about 2 million rubles. These included the Nakhodka Orphanage, Vrangel’s kindergarten No. 65, the Nakhodka Special Boarding School, the Nakhodka Center for Placement Assistance, the Khmylovka village secondary school and other institutions. The donated money was utilized to purchase gifts for Children's Day and New Year, household appliances, office equipment, and to repair the premises.

“Managing Port Company” acquired vouchers to Shepalovo Children's Health Camp for 30 children from the Nakhodka Center for Placement Assistance for orphans and children without parental support and the Nakhodka Special Boarding School.

The port holding has transferred more than 1.5 million rubles as a targeted support to organizations and residents of Nakhodka and Vrangel. For instance, thanks to the sponsorship, the city's museum and exhibition center arranged theme zones for children with disabilities. The Vrangel Community Center acquired acoustic equipment, organized celebrations on the Great Patriotic War Victory Day, and on-stage performance groups were able to pay transportation costs for participation in festivals and competitions.

In 2018, four people received funds for treatment at Russian medical centers, and part of the money was sent to residents to help them to solve difficult life situations.

“JSC “Vostochny Port” is the largest backbone enterprise. Currently, the company employs more than 1,700 people who are residents of the Nakhodka Municipality, Partizansky district and Vladivostok City. We are always deeply involved in development of the community, every year we provide funds for implementation of social programs. Over the past few years, the port holding has invested about half a billion rubles in sponsorship, charity, support for children's sports, arrangement of children's leisure and environmental campaigns,” said Vadim Baibak, Managing Director of JSC “Vostochny Port.

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