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JSC “Vostochny Port” reconstructed a section of the federal highway


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JSC “Vostochny Port,” the largest Russian specialized port with high-tech coal transshipment and a member of the coal port holding “Managing Port Company, LLC,” carried out repair work on the section of the “Artem – Nakhodka – Vostochny port” federal highway within the framework of the project of Phase 3 of the high-tech coal-handling terminal.

The road section on Vasyanovich Street in Vrangel is an important object of transport infrastructure for the community residents, JSC “Vostochny Port” and other enterprises located on the Vrangel Bay coast. The road connects the community with Khmylovka settlement, the existing high-tech coal handling facility and the Phase 3 under construction.

Construction works have been completed on the 800-meter-long road section in compliance with all requirements of the project documentation, technical regulations, and building codes. Excavation works and soil filling were carried out, the sand cushion and the rubble layer were laid, 6.7 thousand tons of asphalt were spread, and a 226 meter long gabion wall was erected.

The road was equipped with new lightening systems and sidewalks. An additional paved car parking area was built along the repaired road section. The range of road furniture works includes line painting, the installation of road signs and fencing.

“This section of the road used to be flooded during heavy rain periods. While repairing, a new drainage system was arranged, and the storm water system with a total length of 340 meters was reconstructed to ensure that the runoff water is properly removed from the road and flooding be prevented,” said Vyacheslav Nalobin, the Deputy Managing Director of Capital Construction of JSC “Vostochny Port.”

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