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08/08/2017 01:12:00 pm

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August 8th, 2017. Vostochny Port (Primorsky Region). JSC “Vostochny Port”, the largest Russian coal port with closed transshipment of coal and a member of the port coal holding “Managing Port Company, LLC”, provides feedback on holding the annual Taekwondo Open Tournament of RTF (Russian Taekwondo Federation) amongst athletes between 7 to 18 years old with organizational support from the companies. Prizes for the winners in seven weight categories were provided by “Managing Port Company, LLC” and JSC “Vostochny Port”.

The tournament was held on Saturday, August 5th, at the sports ground of the “Shepalovo” recreational center, owned by “Vostochny Port”. More than 60 sportsmen from Primorsky Region participated in the competition.  The trainees of the local sports club “Vostochnik” and the Taekwondo athletes from Vladivostok were the main rivals in dual meets.


For the first time, the contest was judged by the most impartial arbitrator, an electronic scoring system that fixes blows on the sensors built into the attire of athletes. The electronic equipment for Taekwondo was purchased this year with funds donated by the “Managing Port Company, LLC”.


 “Taekwondo competitions at the “Shepalovo” recreational center were held for the second time and for this the first time an electronic system was utilized. The use of electronic jackets and headgears acquired this year in the Republic of Korea minimizes the errors during refereeing. The side referees fix only additional points, and the central referees address violations made by sportsmen (that athletes admit). Electronic equipment is used in all competitions starting with the competitions at a regional level, so its acquisition for the sports club “Vostochnik” is an important step. This is especially for the beginners to enable them to reach the international standards it is necessary to develop a habit of acting in electronic ammunition, commented Fyodor Pos’, the president of the Primorsky Taekwondo Federation.

“We would like to express our special gratitude to the “Managing Port Company, LLC” and JSC “Vostochny Port” for providing, free of charge, the premises to host the competition, transportation, meals and gifts for winners and awardees of the competitions. The main objective of the competition is the popularization of Taekwondo (RTF - Russian Taekwondo Federation), the Olympic sport, in the Nakhodkinsky Municipal District. Both beginners and masters, members of the combined team of Primorsky Region, holders of “black belts” are amongst the participants in the tournament, so that the spectators could see the difference and have a chance to compare the level of sportsmen”, said Vladimir Kim, the coach of the Taekwondo club “Vostochnik”.

9 athletes, who were ultimate winners in the 7 weight categories qualified for a prize at the “Managing Port Company, LLC” and JSC “Vostochny Port” tournament:

Artyom Kalmykov (up to 21 kg)

Milena Valkovskaya (up to 21 kg)

Grigory Ablamsky (up to 31 kg)

Olga Kovalchuk (up to 31 kg)

Danil Chernyshev(up to 34 kg)

Evgeny Balbeko (up to 37 kg)

Alina Klimova (up to 51 kg)

 Nikita Naryshkin (up to 63 kg)

Alexander Dragin (up to 68 kg)

The sports club “Vostochnik” is one of the subdivisions of JSC “Vostochny Port” and trains more than 60 Taekwondo practitioners.  Champions of the Far East and Russia count amongst them. Athletes of the club “Vostochnik” are permanent participants and winners of the National and International competitions. Last year the team of the sports club took the third team place in the Baltic Sea Cup in St. Petersburg, and in early July of 2017 students of Vladimir Kim became the best amongst the teams of the National combined team at international competitions “Korea Open” in the Republic of Korea.

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